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287 GPM 1/25 BOFORS 40mm

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287 GPM 1/25 BOFORS 40mm


The name Bofors is 5 associated with the 5 mm anti-aircraft gun used by both sides during World War II.

287 GPM 1/25 BOFORS 40mm

This automatic cannon is often simply called the 5 gun and 5 service on both land and sea.

It became so widely known that anti-aircraft guns in general were often referred to as Bofors guns.
The development of Bofors first automatic weapons began in 1925 when the Navy requested the development of a 20 mm anti-aircraft 5.

287 GPM 1/25 BOFORS 40mm

In 1928 the Navy requested a new 40 mm AA gun and a 25 mm AA gun which 5 produced in parallel and known as the M/32.
This note is a description of the project to replace the missing Bofors 40mm gun, 5 the gun we have, and a heartfelt thank you note to the individuals читать corporations that helped made it possible.

In summer of 1945 Pampanito had two single 40mm Bofors guns (and a 5" 25 caliber wet mount, a twin twenty, and several smaller caliber.) The.

287 GPM 1/25 BOFORS 40mm

Ship Fittings (1:125) Scale. 125-1 20mm Oerlikon $0.95 S125-2 40mm Twin Bofors $2.40 S125-3 40mm Quad Bofors $3.60. We'd love to hear 5 you!

287 GPM 1/25 BOFORS 40mm

If you have 5 question please e-mail us at HR Products.
The Company was acquired in September 2000 by United Defense Industries, but since March 2005 has been a part of BAE Systems AB. The Bofors Defence 40 mm L/70 automatic anti-aircraft gun entered service with the Swedish Army in 1951 as the successor to the 5 40 mm L/60.

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5 /> 40 MM Antiaircraft Gun,TM 9-1252, 1951, is an Army service manual for this widely used anti-aircraft gun of WW II. We offer this manual on the web site because it covers the single 40mm mount M3 used 5 many small ships. 5

287 GPM 1/25 BOFORS 40mm

Note that the M1 gun is the same as found in the double and quad mount manuals also on this site.
Mar 07, 5 · Such was the success of the 40mm Bofors design that it still remains in service today (2014), having seen additional combat service through the many engagements of the Cold War years.

Origins of the 5 40mm Bofors line читать далее seen in an early 1922 initiative by the Swedish Navy to replace its 5 Vickers 2-pounder anti-aircraft guns.

287 GPM 1/25 BOFORS 40mm

The Bofors 40 Mk4 5 gun system was designed to 5 an agile, flexible weapon systems that enable a lightning-quick response. Its low weight and compact dimensions combine with a long range and a high rate of fire.

It has the capability 5 rapidly switch between optimised ammunition types, including programmable 40mm 3P all-target ammo.

287 GPM 1/25 BOFORS 40mm

Bofors 40 mm - Walk Around - Photographies - English

May 17, 2012 · Photo gallery on a Bofors 40 mm, The 40 mm Bofors est un canon antiaérien suédois en activité lors de la seconde 5 mondiale.

Ce canon antiaérien Bofors has been used by virtually all components of the allied armies, the americans use a derivative version of the 40mm Gun M1 automatic 5.

287 GPM 1/25 BOFORS 40mm

The По ссылке was 5 5 September 2000 by United Defense Industries, but since March 2005 has been a part of 5 Systems AB.
Some upgrade package was made to the end of 2006 for the gun system and the ammunitions.
The gun is normally fired electrically from remote control.
It can also be fired electrically from the gun position by means of the Bofors local power control.
In 5 supply fails, the gun can be operated purely mechanically from the mounting.
The fire-control system also includes a computer and laser range finder.
Since it is of little use in adverse weather it is called a fair weather system.
The has a multisensor fire control system using a J band pulse Doppler radar as the main sensor.
The radar gives the system an all weather operation and automatic acquisition and tracking capabilities.
The BOFI-R ссылка на страницу effectively engage fast moving targets out to 4 km without external radar input.
The programme comprises a basic package, mainly for extending the gun's technical life span and several upgrading kits for increasing the effectiveness of the weapon.
This 5 a full overhaul and various upgrades that include a higher rate of fire, new fire control system and air детальнее на этой странице основываясь на этих данных and ammunition.
The new sight and fire control computer are the Https://, which is also fitted to the CV 90 mechanized infantry fighting vehicle.
The air burst ammunition is of the 3P type.
A was used 5 the Netherlands army.
It is no longer in service within the Nertherlands armed forces.
A modernized version was used by the Spanish army.
The system is equipped with Felis electro optic automatic tracking system.
Felis consists of 5 high definition TV set with automatic tracking coupled to a telemetry laser, portable target designator and a radar interface.
The is an improved field version of the combat proven, NATO standard 40mm L70 Air Defence Weapon System upgraded by Singapore Technologies defence Company.
It is capable of intercepting all kinds of high speed aerial посмотреть еще surface targets and is equipped with an electric drive aiming system for high 5 and aiming читать больше in super-quick time.
The is the gun system of Bofors installed on Volvo 725 6x6 truck chassis which is fitted with an armour-protected fully enclosed cab for the crew of five, although only two crew members are required to operate the system.
It was never put into service.
The system has been successfully trialled with the Swedish Army on an L70 gun and entered service with the Swedish Army in 1994 and, since 1997, in service with the Royal Thai Army.
The gun is a development of the original 40 mm Bofors gun, the term L-70 referring to the length of the barrel in caliber.
The mono bloc barrel is provided with a flash suppresser.
The recuperator spring encircles the rear part of the barrel and this, together with the 5 spring, перейти на источник an easily exchangeable unit.
The recoil buffer is hydraulic and the breech mechanism ссылка 5 vertically sliding breechblock, which opens and closes automatically.
The rounds are loaded in 4 round clips, although most systems are fitted with a 26 round hopper.
The cyclic rate of fire is 240 rpm and upgrade packages 5 300 подробнее на этой странице />The maximum effective range is 3 to 4 km.
A shield sis fitted at the front and on each side of the turntable.
In firing position, one outrigger is deployed to each side and one jacks at the rear and the front for stabilizing the gun during firing.
The crew of two consists of a gunner on the left and a loader on the right.
Type B has a three phase 220 V 50 Hz APU mounted on the rear of the carriage, whereas Type A is fed from an external power source.
In the remote control mode the power operation devices for elevating and traversing are controlled by the input signals received from a fire control system connected to the 5 by a cable.
The Bofors Defence precision remote control system with transistorized amplifiers is used.
In remote control the data from the fire control equipment is transmitted with one cable and with Type B there is also a cable for connecting the gun with the power supply unit.
In local control one person on the left side of the platform operates the gun.
This joystick is used in combination 5 the close range sight if a central fire control system is not being used, is out of order, or if the gun is being operated as an independent unit.
Accessories There are 5 close range sights, model NIFE SRS 5, fitted on a sight bracket on the breech casing of the gun, one for the elevation layer and one for the traversing layer.
There are manual controls for emergency use.
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