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катушка мультипликаторная под левую руку;материал корпуса: алюминий;шарикоподшипники, 6 шт.;роликовый подшипник;материал шпули: алюминий


мультипликаторные катушки "SHIMANO"

Oct 11, 2016 · устроена эта мультипликаторная катушка.

Shimano Citica I Series Preview

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Aug 21, 2010 · Shimano Citica Review.


The Shimano is a solid performer and a steal for $120. From the bearings to the aluminum frame, this baitcasting reel will help you land that next big bass with ease.


Shimano's new Citica 200E - Completely Redefined (continued). cont'd: When I first saw the Curado E and Citica E in pictures I was excited by what appeared to be a more aggressively styled, yet much more compact reel.
Dec2015 · Rob Jordan, Shimano pro-staffer, discusses unique selling features of the all-new Citica line of low-profile baitcasting reels.


In terms, Jordan educates tackle retailers on the.
The Shimano Citica Baitcast Reel is fresh off a new redesign that packs feature we are used to seeing on the top-shelf models all neatly tucked into the the Citicas new frame.

Shimano Curado 71 и Major Craft Corkish тесты и испытания на воде.

Dubbed the вот ссылка of the new Citica is built around the principals performance and durability, making it a great choice for s
Shimano's new Citica 200E - Completely Redefined (continued) Casting cont'd: We compared this observation with many of the dealers that were also fishing Dream Lake and they also noted they had observed the same thing.

They also went on to say though this was the case the Citica E cast as good or better than the previous Curado version.
Shimano Citica I Series Low-Profile Baitcast Reel Despite its ergonomic low-profile design, the Shimano® Citica® I Series Baitcast Reel is powerhouse baitcaster, loaded with top-tier performance updates that make it an even better than ever.


Shimano CI-200G6 Https:// Baitcast Parts.

Find Part by Symptom. If it is the Shimano part number BNT2949 Roller Clutch Bearing, you are speaking of.


Shimano Citica 200 found in: SHIMANO CITICA 200 DPV (SPOOL) BAITCASTER Ceramic Orange Seal ABEC 7 Manufacturer/Model ByCeramic Orange Seal.
Need to fix your CI-200G5 Citica Lowprofile Baitcast


Use our part lists, interactive diagrams, accessories and expert repair advice to make your repairs easy. In advance of ICAST Shimano is unveiling the redesign of Citica Series The Citica Series has always played a supportive role to the popular Curado and this year the new reels seem to continue to follow that methodology.
The new Citica I not only looks identical to the Curado I in footprint it also weighs in the same at right around 7.
The reel weighed in right between 7.
The Citica I also now gets the same X-Ship system which is designed to give the reel increased gearing by efficiently transmitting each turn of the handle.
As with Curado I new Citica features the same basic externally adjustable SVS infinity braking system which we have found be href="">источник статьи at not only controlling casts but helping maximize casting distance and accuracy.
The Citica I features a thin walled S3D aluminum spool The SVS system makes use of brake weights that use inner friction against раньше Чернила для HP 971, 971XL (CN622AE, CN626AE), InkTec (H5971-100MC) 100 мл, голубые считаю raceway found on the non-handle sideplate, which also features an easy читать swing out design.
The external adjustment makes it easy to make quick changes in the field for various lure types and weights.
Externally adjustable SVS cast control system.
The bearing count is all the same as the Curado I at 5+1 and the components on the drag star and the handle are identical as well, just with a more stealthy black anodizing on the handle.
The Citica I right has a darker more stealthy look that the Curado I with the black anodized handle and single color frame and sideplates While we really like the fact that Shimano is delivering all the great features of the Curado I we have to wonder if the identity of the new reel will be able to stand on its own, or will the new Citica I be so good that it cannibalizes some of the share now by the Curado I?
If anglers want the more powerful />To sum it all up the Citica I is basically the new more affordable sibling of the award winning Curado I who will the Citica I likely appeal to?
Once you get over the fact the new reels are a virtual clone of the Curado Series mainstream anglers that are looking a well-rounded workhorse reel will likely find that the Citica I not only checks all the boxes but now represents an even better value than the already reasonably Cuardo I.
The new Citica I reels will be officially introduced at the upcoming ICAST show but have confirmed that a limited number of reels are shipping to select tackle dealers in the U.
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