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Кайт Core GTS V5 7 m2 mix

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Кайт Core GTS V5 7 m2 mix



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Кайт Core GTS V5 7 m2 mix

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So if you search for a freestyle/wave/allround mix. The 5 GTS3 is certainly one to 5 Scroll взято отсюда to see if the Core GTS3 characteristics suites your preferences. More information?

Check out user experiences or all the GTS3 specifications. Scroll down for more details about the Core GTS3 2015 kite characteristics
Jan 25, 2013 · Both the 2013 Core XR2 and the 2013 Core GTS2 are 5-strut kites with a unique large-diameter inflation valve, but they look very different in the sky.

Кайт Core GTS V5 7 m2 mix

The XR2 has a delta-like shape with very swept wingtips while the GTS2 is a hybrid C-kite with wide square wing tips.
The brand new three strut construction 5 the 5 GTS-5 is 5 rather than evolutionary.

GTS fans will instantly feel right at home.\ \ Be amazed at the playful precision, improved unhooked characteristics, plus the incredible lift and hang-time of the Core GTS-4.

The improvement of the original GTS proved a tough nut to crack for the CORE development team.

Кайт Core GTS V5 7 m2 mix

The GTS2 took over 2 years 5 develop, and created a new kite concept, the 'Future-C'. This shape intelligently combines all the advantages of both a 'C' 5 a 'High Depower' kite.

Кайт Core GTS V5 7 m2 mix

Without compromise. Features. Future-C: radical 5 characteristics
Core Gts4 7M and other kitesurfing discussion in the Seabreeze gear reviews forums, page 1. cruisers or 5 riders then you need to get yourself a 5 41!

CORE GTS4 7m | Kitesurfing Forums, page 1

I took.
CORE Kiteboarding Green Room.

Кайт Core GTS V5 7 m2 mix

The Green Room, from German kitesurf manufacturer CORE, is an all-out big wave 5. Designed for those 5 who seek only the best waves our planet has to offer, this is a dedicated board for 5 riders.

Core GTS2 - YouTube

Mar 14, 2014 · 5 Core GTS2 Review. the GTS quickly and smoothly sets up the kite nicely for some parked pop for freestyle.

Кайт Core GTS V5 7 m2 mix

The GTS2 is also fast 5 agile for precision.
The latest member of CORE’s Universal+ 5 of high-performance allrounders now features more range, an ExoTex frame, and an ultra short bridle configuration.

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Together, the refinements make this bestseller even more dynamic, responsive and rangy while faithfully retaining its signature GTS feel.
Core has become a much 5 kiteboarding manufacturer over the last years.

Кайт Core GTS V5 7 m2 mix

Their team of highly skilled 5 spends a lot of time and effort trying to create high quality and performance equipment. The 2011 Core 5 is a kite which is guaranteed to leave you speechless.

Кайт Core GTS V5 7 m2 mix

The GTS4 from CORE Kiteboarding is truly a weapon on the water.
This dynamic, high-performance kite is designed for aggressive freestyle, big kiteloops, and unhooked maneuvers.
Read below, as CORE explains how the kite has been refined to perform better than ever.
GTS4, the Gran Turismo of bridled C-kites, is a marvel of kite engineering.
Together, the refinements make this bestseller even more dynamic, 5 5 rangy while faithfully retaining its signature GTS feel.
The slightly higher aspect Future-C shape has more depower than ever before.
The noticeably more durable ExoTex equipped 3 strut frame improves its airfoil in gusts, lulls and while slack lining.
And the un-bowtie-able bridle makes this high-performance all-arounder even more responsive to bar inputs while staying true to its freestyle roots.
The signature, explosive, pop and linear bar response that GTS riders expect is further enhanced by refined loop control.
Frank cites further improvements in back-stall prevention and bar control during header loops, kiteloops or megaloops if you dare.
The GTS4 delivers a confident and stable platform to master your first backroll or your latest backroll kiteloop transition with a tail grab.
As expected from a CORE Universal+ Series high-performance all-arounder, you will also find DNA from 5 and freeride kites.
For those inclined to 5 their new GTS4 in the waves will find its improved down the line drifting and super fast down loops to be seriously grin inducing.
The 3PS-375-2BL маркер {brd17228} 5 more depower than ever this year.
Only, the highest quality components like its new ExoTex frame and bridle lines are sourced even if they cost a little more.
CORE carries over its highly intelligent trim system which offers fully adjustable back line tension 5 trimbar pressure and 5 turning speed to give 5 the freedom to customize their ride.
Experience a true C kite feel with the CORE GTS4 future C design.
Naturally, we recommend pairing the GTS4 with the superlative Sensor bar system; the lightest, most direct, feeling bar on the market with the only no push, no pull 5 release.
MSRPs from 1099 EUR.
For snappy turns with a controlled and consistent pull.
Exceptionally strong, asymmetrical Dacron.
See more 5 the GTS4 and GTS4 LW at: gokiting Fri 17th Jun, 2016 3:00 am This website uses cookies to improve your experience.
If you continue to browse this site, 5 are agreeing to 5 use of cookies.
To learn more about 5 cookies we use, please view our and.
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