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Плеер MercuryStyle iXA 520i 128Mb

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Плеер MercuryStyle iXA 520i 128Mb

цифровой плеер, 0.125 Гб;карты памяти SmartMedia;радиоприемник;время работы 8 ч;размеры 63x82x15 мм


Oct 16, 2015 In-depth review of the Schenker XMG P506 (Intel Core i7 6700HQ, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M, 15.6", 2.7 kg) with measurements, benchmarks, evaluations
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MercuryStyle iXA 520i 128Mb.

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Schenker XMG P506 (Clevo P651RE) Notebook Review - Reviews

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The XMG P506 from Schenker Technologies is a surprisingly thin gaming notebook that utilizes all advantages of the modern technology.
For the original German review, see.
It does not matter if you select the or the : The XMG P506 will be shipped with G-Sync in both cases.
This advanced version of adaptive V-Sync avoids line adjustments and optimizes the image flow at the same time more information about G-Sync is available in the review of the.
You can also choose between two models for the processor.
The Skylake chips 2.
Another highlight is the DDR4 memory: Schenker uses up to 32 GB clocked at 2133 MHz.
There are even more options for the storage solution.
Inside the chassis are two M.
Furthermore, you get two 2.
The wireless module is either provided by Intel Wireless-AC 3160 and 8260, respectively or Qualcomm Atheros Killer Wireless-AC 1525.
The keyboard model, the warranty period and the operating system can be customized as well.
Fans of ultra-high-resolution displays will not be happy: The 15.
Working For Notebookcheck Are you a techie who knows how to write?
Then join our Team!
Especially English native speakers welcome!
Currently wanted: News and Editorial Editor -SSD + Western Digital Blue WD10JPVX-00JC3T0, 1000 GB HDD 5400 rpm, Slots: 2x M.
While the GTX 980M is sitting inside the 2.
The weight, on the other hand, is similar ~2.
We already reviewed the similarly designed predecessors andso we won't have a closer look at the chassis, the connectivity and the input devices in this article.
The bigger changes regard the software and hardware.
Chassis manufacturer Clevo switches from the AU Optronics B156HAN01.
The XMG P506 does manage a higher luminance ~300 vs.
The reason for the deficit is the higher black value; 0.
Still, the differences are not huge, especially since both panels perform very similar in the CalMAN tests grayscale, gamma, saturation.
Samsung 156HL01-102 SDC324C LG Philips LP156WF6 LGD046F AU Optronics B156HAN01.
Our screenshots below show that the picture quality can be improved significantly.
Contrary to thewe could not notice annoying screen bleeding, even though the brightness distribution could be more precise 85%.
The XMG P506 works pretty well outdoors.
Thanks to the IPS technology, the viewing angles are convincing as well.
There will only be deviations from an angle from above or below, respectively.
Note: The Schenker homepage lists the LG Philips 156WF6-SPB1 similar to the XMG U506so the final product might not use the panel from Samsung.
Our review unit was equipped with 16 GB DDR4-RAM 2x 8 GB dual-channela small 256 GB M.
You also get a Core i7-6700HQ and a GeForce GTX 970M.
The biggest addition of the new CPU-series is the manufacturing process.
While the Haswell chips are manufactured in a 22 nm process, Skylake is based on a 14 nm process.
The two generations hardly differ in respect of the performance.
It does not matter if you stress one or all cores: The advantage is not even 10% compared to the in Cinebench R15.
If the difference of a Haswell notebook is bigger, it is because of a limited or Turbo see.
The automatic overclocking worked really well on the XMG P506.
We were able to measure between 3.
The Turbo was even still active ~2.
System Performance The system performance is defined by the storage solution nowadays, and Windows does not really feel without a Solid State Drive.
The boot Чернила BKP44 Black Canon с картриджами PGI-425, 520, мл, installations and application launches sometimes take much longer.
The loading times in games are often much longer as well.
To get the most out of the XMG P506, we selected an SSD with a PCIe-x4 interface.
The PCMark 7 score shows that the model does more than a decent job.
An overall score of 6228 points deserves credit, even though gaming notebooks are on a similar performance level />Storage Devices Fast, faster, Samsung SM951: This would be the appropriate short description of the PCIe model.
The SSD is not limited by the SATA-III interface of common Solid State Drives, so the drive manages much higher sequential transfer rates.
Only a Такой Dkc 36562ZL Ответвитель-крышка Т-обр - переходник DDT 100 100 отв H 50цинк-ламельный мой configuration consisting of multiple SSDs can keep up with the Samsung SM951.
A conventional hard drive is the better solution for larger file collections movies and so on due to cost reasons.
Even though experienced users can notice a difference between 5400 and 7200 revolutions per minutes, перейти think that a less expensive option like the Western Digital Blue is sufficient.
GPU Performance Is the worth the money?
That basically down to your demands.
If you want high-quality anti-aliasing and high resolutions like 3K or 4K, the has much less headroom.
One example would be the 3DMark Fire Strike test.
The review configuration of the XMG P506 scores 7595 points, which is a very good result.
The GTX 980M is almost 30% faster 9970 pointsbut the difference is usually smaller in games.
A few more words about the technology: Nvidia uses the Maxwell architecture for the GeForce 900-series that uses a 28 nm architecture. the previous top model recently replaced by the is clocked at 1038-1127 MHz and has 1536 CUDA cores, the GTX 970M gets 1280 shaders and a core clock of "only" 924-1038 MHz.
Video memory is not an issue, although the GTX 980M does have a wider interface 256 vs.
Gaming Performance The GeForce GTX 970M performs very well in the native resolution 1920x1080.
Four out of five games ran smoothly at the highest settings and with activated anti-aliasing.
Evenwhich caused big troubles at launch, ran at more than 40 fps with the performance patch at нажмите сюда in the benchmark.
Only stuttered in the highest preset.
You can only slightly hear the XMG P506 while idling; fans and HDD murmur at 31-33 dB A.
The cooling solution does, however, pulsate occasionally without apparent reason.
The system noise of the XMG P506 is average under load.
Noise-sensitive users should still look for an alternative.
The bulkier barebone only reaches 45 dB A under maximum load, and the is even quieter at up to 41 dB A.
GeForce GTX 970M, 6700HQ GeForce GTX 980M, 6600K GeForce GTX 980M, 4710HQ GeForce GTX 970M, 4870HQ GeForce GTX 960M, 4720HQ По этой ссылке Considering the powerful hardware and the thin chassis construction, it is not surprising that the XMG P506 gets pretty hot during gaming.
We were able to measure up to 49 °C at the top and 60 °C on the bottom after one of sustained load.
Gaming sessions are still no torture as long as you do not use the notebook on your lap, since the palm rest only reaches 32 °C, which is very comfortable.
The whole chassis is surprisingly cool while idling; we measured 28 °C on average.
The components do not get too hot, either.
The GeForce GTX 970M only reaches 72 °C, while the Core i7-6700HQ leveled out between 80-85 °C according CPUID HWMonitor.
The Schenker XMG U506, on the other hand, reached more than 95 °C in extreme scenarios.
GeForce GTX 970M, 6700HQ GeForce GTX 980M, 6600K GeForce GTX 980M, 4710HQ GeForce GTX 970M, 4870HQ GeForce GTX 960M, 4720HQ Heat Power Consumption Despite the slightly higher performance, the Skylake CPUs are more frugal than their Haswell counterparts.
While the XMG P505 with the Core i7-4710HQ still consumed 12.
The notebooks are not comparable under load since the GeForce will be deactivated in 3D scenarios.
We were particularly impressed by the maximum consumption.
While we still criticized the insufficient power adaptor 150 Watts in thethe new 180-Watt module is not really challenged.
The situation probably changes with the i7-6820HQ and GeForce GTX 980M.
GeForce GTX 970M, 6700HQ GeForce GTX 980M, 6600K GeForce GTX 980M, 4710HQ GeForce GTX 970M, 4870HQ GeForce GTX 960M, 4720HQ Power Consumption Battery Runtime Thanks to the technology, the XMG P506 can realize decent battery runtimes.
We determined 5 hours and 14 minutes in the Battery Eater Reader's Test that scrolls through a text document.
The battery managed almost 1.
GeForce GTX 970M, 6700HQ GeForce GTX страница, 6600K GeForce GTX 980M, 4710HQ GeForce GTX4870HQ GeForce GTX 960M, 4720HQ Battery Runtime Even though the XMG P506 does have issues, the 15-inch notebook is one of the best especially most compact gaming laptops on the market.
Some competitors are already pretty loud and warm while idling.
The cooling solution of the XMG P506, on the other hand, only gets to its limits when you really stress it.
The whole device leaves a pretty sophisticated impression in general, including the port variety and the illuminated keyboard.
Both the sound system and the touchpad are above-average as well.
There is also praise for the IPS panel and the numerous features especially G-Sync.
Individualists and upgrade fans will be happy about the configurator and the possibility to use two M.
The overall rating of the XMG P506 is 86%, which means the device can secure a top position in our mobile.
I grew up with computers and modern consumer electronics.
I am interested in the technology since I had my first computer, a Commodore C64, and started building my own PCs after that.
My focus here at Notebookcheck is the business segment including mobile workstations, but I also like to test new mobile devices.
It is always a great experience to review and compare new products.
My free time is filled with a lot of sports, in the summer mainly on my bike.

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