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Плеер Philips SA4310

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Плеер Philips SA4310

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Плеер Philips SA4310

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Плеер Philips SA4310

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Плеер Philips SA4310

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Плеер Philips SA4310

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Плеер Philips SA4310

Philips SDV4310 outdoor antenna is compatible with UHF 5 HDTV. The antenna is made from 5 resistant aluminum ensuring a durable long life.

Плеер Philips SA4310

The antenna has patented curved reflector that improves the directionality of the antenna and rejects extraneous signals for the best possible reception of digital and analog UHF signals.

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{kb: "60 KB", title: "Philips Electrical, 940 A 3 ", ite: "3"} {kb: "89 KB", title: "Philips Electrical, 940 5 3 ", ite: "3"} {kb: "48 KB", title: "Philips Electrical, 940 A 3 ", ite: "3"} {kb: "229 KB", title: "Philips Electrical, 940 A 3 ", ite: "3"} {kb: "41 KB", title: "Philips Electrical, 940 A 3 ", ite: "3"} {gbW: "1400", gbH: "1108", mW: "473.
Sometimes with handle but for mains only.
EE: We believe that the British 940A has been originally made with the tube line up of Mullard SP4 and Mullard PM24M and not Philips E446 and E443H but 1821 as rectifier not G1064 as stated by other source.
See "Data change" for further contributors.
Here you find 412 models, 275 with images and 278 with schematics for wireless sets etc.
In French: TSF for Télégraphie sans fil.
Hallo everyone, I've got one Philips 940A radio with some peculiar features.
As first, it is in a wooden cabinet, what I have seen only by Czech 944A, but it has different speaker-grille at the front.
Mine has the same as UK and Dutch bakelite cabinets.
Also, as far as I know, Czechs have used the Dutch chassis.
Further, it has UK chassis, but Philips tube-line: E446, E443H 5 506.
The most strange 5 the dial disk!
Instead of wavelengths, it has the names of stations - green for MW and red for LW.
According to those stations, it was probable 5 for east- and central European market.
All parts and the wiring are original, except that I had to resuff Philips "padestoel" electrolytes.
Has ссылка на продолжение seen such model, or can locate its manufacturer?
See also the imprinted letters MOI.
Please make a model suggestion as a variant wooden housing.
The tubes are interchangeable.
Dear Mr Bauer, Thanks for your coment!
My radio diferes from UK model not only in casing, but also in the scale-disk.
What do you think about this?
The names of the stations on it do not seem to be Пектин NH SOSA 100 г for UK market, by my opinion.
Dejan momirov Jacob Roschy 12.
However, at the time Philips was not at the German market, perhaps in Austria.
Best Regards, Jacob Gidi Verheijen 12.
Best regards, Gidi Verheijen Jacob Roschy 13.
As for German speaking как сообщается здесь then only Austria and Switzerland are left.
As the type plate of the chassis is missing, the origin of this radio may remain unknown.
There was not even a similar Philips radio model on the German market.
Philips radios produced in Germany just became really succesful as the A- tube line started AF3, AK2, etc.
By now, I never encountered radios 5 Philips Germany with older tubes.
Best Regards, Jacob Wolfgang Bauer 14.
Only my five cents from Switzerland Martin Dejan Momirov 14.
Very interesting and useful coments, but I am afraid the origine of this 5 may remain unknown.
What I can say 5 that, is: I inherited подробнее на этой странице radio from my grandma who we lived in small town Zrenjanin, northern Serbia.
It was purchased just before WWII, probably by local distributer, and maybe in Hungary or Austria.
What surprises me is that no one within RM community, being member or gast, hasn't report such an set.
It must have been a small maybe experimental series which was ended by onset of the war.
Those are just my speculations, but I am sure I own a very rare set!
Best regards, Dejan The set 940A, in bakelite, was produced in Czechoslovakia under the name 944A.
This is very interesting because those tubes are not direct 5 to my knowledge.
It is also from GB since the tubes are from Mullard.
основываясь на этих данных would be very nice if somebody could check which continental tubes had the exactly the same 5 data and the same base.
Maybe there are also or only similarities - but also then we could name the alternatives which normally function without problems.
Most seem to have a Mullard direct equivalent, which is, I suppose, not surprising, as no doubt many came from Holland anyway!
Best regards, John Turrill.
In any case often such models are named just by model type and without versions.
Therefore I have put into the name both versions to enable users to find it either way.

Плеер Philips SA4310

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