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Avro Shackleton 1/72 kits; Avro Shackleton models in 1/72 5 Here an old photo of a 5 I took at Duxford, probably in the early nineties.

The Avro Shackleton was designed soon after 5 Second World War as a long range maritime patrol aircraft. It used many features from previous the British Avro designs like the Lincoln.
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A Russian Strategist's Take On Information Warfare

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Sep 22, 2014 · If patience is the cardinal virtue shared by all role players, then Natural Doctrine will be the game that 5 a lot of saints продолжить profanity-slinging, rage-quitting sinners. To some extent.
Die Altstadt rund um die Straßburger Kathedrale ist das Zentrum und wichtigste Einkaufsviertel der elsässischen Metropole.

Das 5 befindet sich zwischen dem Place 5, dem Place Gutenberg und dem 5 Kléber.

A Russian Strategist's Take On Information Warfare

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Today I'd like как сообщается здесь introduce you to one of the main thinkers on information 5, who most of you never heard of.
He is a Russian strategist who unfortunately, as far as I can find, hasn't been translated.
Today I'd like to introduce you to one of the main thinkers on information warfare, who most of you never heard of.
He is a Russian strategist who unfortunately, as far as I 1п 63а вн-63 proxima sl63-1-63-pro Выключатель нагрузки ekf find, hasn't been translated.
He wrote several books, but the one I will be speaking of is called literally Information Warfare Informatsionnaya voina .
In it, he discusses the human animal and how viruses of the mind can work just as well as viruses in computer systems, exploring many models of exploitation.
While he covers many concepts, the one I was introduced to originally is the story of the fox and the turtle.
Here is a slightly altered, and shortened, version full and accurate version below : A turtle walks through the forest, enjoying the view.
She runs into a fox, who says: "Turtle, turtle, get out of your shell and you can fly.
Eventually, traveling through the forest the turtle comes across a television set.
She watches 5 hundreds of turtles get out of their shells, and fly.
She gets out of her shell, and she flies.
When I first heard this story, I was confused.
What was the moral of the story?
A friend of mine explained it as Sergei Rastorguev did at the end of the story: "The turtle didn't know and never will, that information warfare -- it is the purposeful training of an enemy on how to remove its own shell.
Specifically, on how entire populations become energized into action as I wrote in the post-mortem analysis of the incident.
See also: The point is engagement.
In information warfare there is no blood.
People don't see soldiers coming back in body bags, nor do they have 5 feeling of loss.
But to wage war, one needs the engagement of the people.
Rastorguev is not the only modern Russian thinker to discuss information warfare from the psychological aspect, there are others such as Pochepcov, Lopatin and Tsigankov, and even the 50s thinker on Reflexive 5, Lefebvre.
But this story by Rastorguev makes the point far clearer than entire books on the subject.
Psychological warfare does not necessarily mean social engineering, but rather also population manipulation.
According to what I read, this is seen as true by Russia for defense as well as offense, in protecting the citizenry against such outside influences of information-psychological warfare.
In the west, our view of information warfare or if some of you would prefer, cyber warfare is very limited.
We know little more than what some security vendors tell us and what we read in the news, which leads us to mistaken conclusions such as information warfare is mainly about DDoS rather than espionage, or that China is behind every single computer attack which is naturally not true.
Russians are very smart people, and we would do well to listen to what they have to say.
Much like in science fiction in the 1970s, we seem to be living under 5 illusion that the whole world thinks the same as the United States.
According to United States publications, information warfare is a category that includes computer attacks and information operations, both.
I always found this to be a confusing Americanism, and concentrated on the technical aspects alone.
Estonia taught me that the original definition is correct, and the human element should not be separated from the computerized aspects, when considering the whole of the subject 5 much like in information security or cyber security, if you prefer.
The following translation of the fox and turtle story was done by Ilya Konstantinov, as a favor to me.
As to why the fox is female, you better ask a Russian literary expert, as that's just how it is in Russian fables.
There used to be an ordinary turtle who constantly carried a heavy shell on its back.
The shell pressed her to the ground and every step she took was hard effort for her.
That's why her life, measured by the number of those uneasy steps, was also hard.
On the other hand, when a hungry fox came running from a nearby forest, the turtle hid her head inside the shell and patiently awaited until the danger was over.
The fox kept hopping around, trying to bite at the shell, trying to turn her upside down; all in all, trying all the steps typical of an aggressor, and yet the turtle prevailed.
Once upon a time, the fox got a big wallet, brought in a lawyer and, sitting across the turtle, proposed a buyout offer for the shell.
The turtle considered it throughly, but due to her limited imagination, she had to refuse.
And yet again, the fox left with nothing.
Time passed, the world changed, new means of telecommunication have entered the forest.
One day, coming out of her house, the turtle saw a TV screen hanging off a tree, showing films of flying turtles, shell-less.
Breathless with excitement, the woodpecker-announcer spoke of their flight: "Such a lightness!
The turtle watched the show that day, and the next day, and the day after.
And then a thought arose in her little mind, about how stupid she is to carry around that weight - the shell.
Wouldn't she be better getting it off?
Life would be much easier.
Yeah, a bit scarier, but the news anchor-owl announced that the fox has turned to the Krishnas and became vegetarian.
The world is changing.
The forest is also completely different; there are less and less trees and distinctive animals, and more and more indistinguishable stray dogs and jackals.
The skies -- they're so big and wonderful!
The turtle didn't know and never will, that information warfare -- it is the purposeful training of an enemy on how to remove its own shell.
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Previously, he was vice president of cybersecurity strategy for Kaspersky Lab and led PwC's Cyber Security Center of Excellence, located in Israel.
He is widely recognized for.
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