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Роутер D-Link DSR-500

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Роутер D-Link DSR-500

2 Gigabit WAN ports 4 Gigabit LAN port Support Ipv6 RIP v1/2 NAT PAT


ОНЛАЙНТРЕЙД.РУ WiFi роутер D-Link DIR-615S/A1A Роутер D-Link DSR-500

For 5 to the right downloads, please select the correct hardware revision for your 5.
The D-Link DSR-500N Unified Services Router include 802.11b/g/n, allowing for operation on the 5 GHz wireless LAN radio band.

Роутер D-Link DSR-500

Multiple In 5 Out (MIMO) technology allows the DSR-500N to provide high data rates and a wide wireless coverage 5 with minimised “dead spots.” D-link DSR-500 is a VPN router that has 4 Gigabit LAN 5, 2 Gigabit WAN port, and supports up to 85 VPN tunnels.

It offers a secure, high performance networking solution to address the growing needs of small businesses and supports Dynamic Content Filtering that enables the network administrator to allow or block 5 to web 5.

Роутер D-Link DSR-500

Find the default login, username, password, and ip address for your D-Link DSR-500 router. You will need to know then you get a new router, or when you reset your router.

The D-Link DSR-500 5 Router offers a secure, high performance 5 solution to 5 the growing needs of small 5. Call a Specialist Today!

Роутер D-Link DSR-500

View and Download D-Link 5 user manual online. DSR-500 Network Router pdf manual download. Also for: Dsr-500n, Dsr-1000, Dsr-1000n.

Роутер D-Link DSR-500

The D-Link DSR-500N 5 Services Router include 802.11b/g/n, allowing for operation on the 2.4 GHz wireless LAN radio band. Multiple In Multiple Out (MIMO) technology allows the DSR-500N to provide high data rates 5 a wide wireless coverage area with minimised “dead spots.”
Manual for DSR-500 CLI Reference Guide for 5.

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Роутер D-Link DSR-500

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Роутер D-Link DSR-500

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Роутер D-Link DSR-500

Supports and.
The DSR-250N supports up to 25 simultaneous VPN 5, the DSR-500/500N supports up to 35 VPN tunnels, 5 the DSR-1000/1000N supports up 5 70 VPN tunnels. Efficient Green Technology As a concerned member of the global 5, D-Link is devoted to providing eco-friendly products.

Роутер D-Link DSR-500

D-link DSR-500 Manuals Manuals and User Guides for D-Link DSR-500. We have 12 D-Link DSR-500 manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual, Reference Manual, Cli Reference Manual, Quick Installation Manual FURTHERMORE, D - LINK WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR THIRD-PARTY CLAIMS AGAINST CUSTOMER FOR LOSSES OR DAMAGES.
Configuring Your Network: LAN Setup. Private Network.
Empower your road warriors with clientless remote access anywhere and anytime using SSL VPN tunnels.
Typical deployment and use case scenarios are described in each section.
Configuring Your Network: LAN Setup It is assumed that the user has a machine for management connected to the LAN to the router.
The LAN connection may be through the wired Ethernet ports available on the увидеть больше, or once the initial setup is complete, the DSR may also be managed through its wireless interface as it is bridged with the LAN.
Open a new connection to the new IP address and log in again.
Click Save Settings to apply all changes.
The DHCPv6 server will serve IPv6 addresses from configured address pools with the IPv6 Prefix Length assigned to the LAN.
Open a new connection to the new IP address and 5 in again.
If stateless is selected an external IPv6 DHCP server is not required as the IPv6 LAN hosts are auto-configured by this router.
In this case the router advertisement daemon RADVD must be configured on this device and ICMPv6 router discovery messages are used by the host for auto Запорная арматура Dinarm Machaon BFV-03/W (ДУ-125) 380В />Router advertisements contain a list of subnet prefixes that allow the router to determine neighbors and whether the host is on the same link as the router.
Typically this is 64.
Figure 5: Adding VLAN memberships to the LAN 2.
All data going into and out of the port is untagged.
Traffic through a port in access mode looks like any other Ethernet frame.
A DMZ is a subnetwork that is open to public but behind the firewall.
A large value will minimize network traffic but cause delays in identifying new UPnP devices to как сообщается здесь network.
Also referred to as Run-Time Authentication, a Captive Portal is ideal for a web café scenario where users initiate HTTP connection requests for web access but are not interested in accessing any LAN services.
Connecting to the Internet: WAN Setup This router has two WAN ports that can be used to establish a connection to the internet.
The following 5 connection types are supported: DHCP, Static, PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP, 3G Internet via USB modem.
The Internet Connection Setup Wizard assists with the primary WAN port WAN1 configuration only.
The GUI will prompt you for authentication, service, and connection settings in order to establish the PPPoE для носа И АНУ тайлам (ANU TAILAM 10 МЛ />These routes are needed to access the internal domain of the ISP where he hosts various services.
These routes can even be configured through the static routing page as well.
In the case where the ISP assigns you a fixed address to access the internet, the static configuration settings жмите сюда be completed.
For WAN settings that are dynamically received from the ISP, you can Renew or Release the link parameters if вот ссылка больше на странице this option the minimum and maximum bandwidth allowed by this profile can be limited.
This allows you to take advantage of failover and load balancing features to ensure certain intern et dependent services are prioritized in the event of unstable WAN connectivity on one of the ports.
Бутсы adidas this case you can define protocol bindings to route low-latency services such as VOIP over the higher -speed link and let low-volume background traffic such as SMTP go over the lower speed link.
Protocol bindings are only applicable when load balancing mode is enabled and more than one WAN is configured.
The computers on the LAN use a "private" IP address range while 5 WAN port on the router is configured with single "public" IP address.
With RIP this router can exchange routing information with other supported routers in the LAN and allow for dy namic adjustment of routing tables in order to adapt to modifications in the LAN without interrupting traffic flow.
If the port is selected to be a secondary WAN interface, all configuration pages relating to WAN2 are enabled.
The cellular ISP that provides the 3G data plan will provide the authentication requirements to establish a connection.
If your ISP account defines the WAN port speed or is associated with a MAC address, this information is required by the router to ensure a smooth connection with the network.
Wireless Access Point Setup This router has an integrated 802.
The network name SSID is the AP identifier that will be detected by supported clients.
Click Connect to complete setup and connect to the client.
Note that WPA does not support 802.
Next choose one of the keys to be used for a uthentication.
The selected key must be shared with wireless clients to connect to this device.
Figure 31: Profile configuration to set network security 4.
A RADIUS server must be configured and 5 by the router to authenticate wireless client connections to an AP enabled with a profile that uses RADIUS authentication.
You can conserve on the radio power by disabling the AP when it is not in use.
Generally, the default settings are appropriate for most networks.
Please refer to the GUI integrated help text 5 further details on the use of each configuration parameter.
There is no LED indication that a client has connected.
Securing the Private Network You can secure your network by creating and applying rules that your router uses to selectively block and allow inbound and outbound Internet traffic.
You then specify how and to whom the rules apply.
For a specific service the drop down list has common services, or you can select a custom defined service.
You want to allow inbound HTTP requests from any outside IP address to the IP address of your web server детальнее на этой странице any time of day.
Solution: Create an inbound rule that configures the firewall to host an additional public IP address.
Associate перейти на источник address with a web server on the DMZ.
If you arrange with your ISP to have more than one public IP address for your use, you can use the additional public IP addresses to map to servers on your LAN.
This feature allows devices on the LAN or DMZ to request one or more ports to be forwarded to them.
Domains added to this list are allowed in any form.
Attack checks allow you to manage WAN security threats such as continual ping requests and discovery via ARP scans.
Once the IKE or VPN policy is created, you can modify it as required.
The IPsec mode can be either tunnel or transport depending on the network being traversed between the two policy endpoints.
This is covered in the IPsec mode setting, as the policy can be Manual or Auto.
нажмите сюда incoming and outgoing security parameter index SPI values must be mirrored on the remote tunnel endpoint.
Rather than configure a unique VPN policy for each user, you can configure the VPN g ateway to authenticate users from a stored list of user accounts or with an external authentication server such as a RADIUS server.
Upon establishing these authentication parameters, the VPN Client user database must also be populated with an account to give a user access to the tunnel.
Once enabled a L2TP server is available on the router for LAN and WAN L2TP client users ссылка на подробности access.
SSL VPN The router provides an intrinsic SSL VPN feature as an alternate to the standard IPsec VPN.
SSL VPN differs from IPsec VPN mainly by removing the requirement of a pre - installed VPN client on the remote host.
Instead, users can securely login through the SSL User Portal using a standard web browser and receive access to configured network resources within the corporate По этой ссылке 5 the user is configured, the DSR will display a list of all configured users.
If there are multiple workgroups, user can enter the details for upto two workgroups.
The guest does not have SSL VPN access.
User level policies take precedence over Group level policies and Group level policies take precedence over Global policies.
If the policy is for a group, the available configured groups are shown in a drop down menu and one must be selected.
Leaving the starting and ending port range blank corresponds to all UDP and TCP traffic.
Full tunnel mode just sends all traffic from the client across the VPN tunnel to the router.
Split tunnel mode only sends traffic to the private LAN based on pre -specified client routes.
The configured portal can then be associated with an authentication domain 7.
This field is optional.
Advanced Configuration Tools 8.
There is no configuration on the GUI to enable USB device support.
Upon inserting your USB storage device, printer cable or 3G modem the DSR router will automatically detect the type of connected peripheral.
You can obtain a digital certificate from a well known Certificate Authority CA such as VeriSign, or generate and sign your own certificate using functionality available on this gateway.
The Active Self Certificate table lists the self certificates currently loaded on the gateway.
The CLI login credentials are shared with the GUI for administrator users.
The identifier settings The SysName set here is also used to identify the router for SysLog logging.
As an administrator you can monitor продолжить typ e of traffic that goes through the router and also be notified of potential attacks or errors when they are detected by the router.
In some cases 5 SMTP server may send на этой странице IDENT requests, and this router can have this response option enabled as needed.
Once the e-mail server and recipient details are defined you can determine when the router should send out logs.
This is typically very useful for debugging network issues or to monitor router traffic over a long duration.
This router supports up to 8 concurrent По ссылке yslog servers.
During backup, your settings are saved as a file on your host.
After the restore, the router reboots узнать больше здесь with the restored settings.
To erase your current продолжить and revert to factory default settings, click the Default button.
To use DDNS, you must setup an account with a DDNS provider such as DynDNS.
Enter an IP address and click PING.
The command output will appear indicating the ICMP echo request status.
If the host or domai n entry exists, you will see a response with the IP address.
Router Status and Statistics 10.
The CPU and Memory utilization is a function of the available hardware and current configuration and traffic through the router.
This page will give a snapshot of how much traffic is being transmitted over each wireless link.
Connected clients are sorted by the MAC address источник статьи indicate the security 5 used by the wireless link, as well as the time connected to the corresponding AP.
Here, the active IPsec SAs security associations are listed along with the traffic details and tunnel state.
Table fields are as follows.
Field Description The SSL VPN user that has an active tunnel or port forwarding session to this User Name router.
Recommended нажмите для деталей Check the Ethernet connection between the PC and the router.
Possible cause: If you use dynamic IP addresses, your router may not have requested an IP детальнее на этой странице from the ISP.
Recommended action: Ask your ISP for the addresses of its designated Domain Name System DNS servers.
Configure your PC to recognize those addresses.
For details, see your operating system documentation.
Credits Microsoft, Windows are registered trademarks 5 Microsoft Corp.
Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.
UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group.
Glossary Address Resolution Protocol.
Broadcast protocol for mapping IP addresses to MAC addresses.
CHAP Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol.
Protocol for authenticating users to an ISP.
System for updating domain names in real time.
Allows a domain name to be DDNS assigned to a device with a dynamic IP address.
Protocol for connecting a network of hosts to an ISP PPPoE without the ISP having to manage the allocation of IP addresses.
Protocol for creation of VPNs for the secure transfer of data PPTP 5 remote clients to private servers over the Internet.
Log Output Reference Facility: System Networking Log Message Severity Log Message Severity DBUpdate event: Table: %s opCode:%d BridgeConfig: too few arguments to rowId:%d DEBUG command %s ERROR BridgeConfig: too few arguments 5 networkIntable.
Query:%s ERROR nimfAdvOptSetWrap: old MTU size: %d DEBUG sqlite3QueryResGet failed.
Query:%s ERROR nimfAdvOptSetWrap: old Port Speed Option: %d DEBUG ddnsDisable failed ERROR nimfAdvOptSetWrap: old 5 Address.
Query:%s ERROR sshd re-started successfully.
DEBUG error executing the command %s ERROR sshd stopped.
Query:%s ERROR executing %s.
DEBUG Plugin context is NULL Читать pCtx NULL.
DEBUG Deriving implicit challenge: Error 5 TLS message len changed in the fragment, 5 />DEBUG Generating NT response: Error ERROR no data to send while fragment ack received.
DEBUG Setting profile to glue layer: ERROR.
ERROR Error calculating binary.
ERROR %d authentication not enabled in the Error calculating binary.
ERROR Initializing inner non-EAP auth plugin: adpDigestInit for SHA1 failed.
ERROR EAP-WSC not enabled in system completed writing the policy DEBUG configuration.
ERROR PAP not enabled in system completed writing the SA DEBUG configuration.
ERROR Error cleaning cipher context.
ERROR Error cleaning cipher context.
ERROR state machine is in invalid state.
ERROR old values result does not contain 2 Receiving attribute: %s DEBUG rows ERROR Processing attribute: %s DEBUG.
ERROR Primary is not available, " DEBUG ERROR: option value not specified ERROR Secondary is not available, ".
DEBUG Deleting schedule based firewall rules Traffic limit has been reached DEBUG from DB.
DEBUG Traffic meter monthly limit has been Update schedule based firewall rules in changed to %d.
DEBUG %d:%d:%d:%d:%d DEBUG Disabling Management Access from.
DEBUG unknown ifname %s ERROR creating pnac authenticator with values %d %d - %s DEBUG cmd %d not supported.
Allowed PNAC user comp id not set.
Hard продолжить Soft, DEBUG ICMP: %u.
Failed : Passed DEBUG.
RJ-45 Pin-outs RJ-45 Signal Adapter Signal Cable RJ-45 PIN DB-9 PIN.

Роутер D-Link DSR-500

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