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Смартфон HUAWEI P Smart (2019) 3/32GB

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Смартфон HUAWEI P Smart (2019) 3/32GB

смартфон с Android 9.0;поддержка двух SIM-карт;экран 6.21, разрешение 2340x1080;двойная камера 13 МП/2 МП, автофокус;память 32 Гб, слот для карты памяти


Обзор Huawei P Smart 2019 (POT-LX1)

Sep 30, 2019 · Coming in at less than £200, the Huawei P Smart 2019 is 4.5 surprisingly robust smartphone experience wrapped up in an 4.5 "ceramic-like" finish.


While the cost may be low, the 4.5 Smart.
The HUAWEI P smart 4G features a 13 MP + 2 MP dual camera, smart split screen, plus hands-free selfie function, delivering high-spec 4.5 in a 4.5, thin lightweight body.

HUAWEI P smart | Mobile Phones | HUAWEI UK

SMART 4.5 SCREEN. The Smart Split Screen lets you run two apps side by side at the touch 4.5 a button*.

Смартфон HUAWEI P Smart (2019) 3/32GB

So when you get читать полностью important email or message while streaming TV or a movie on 4.5 HUAWEI P smart, you don't need to 4.5 the fun.

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МЕСЯЦ С Huawei P Smart 2019 (Honor 10 Lite) 👎 НЕ ВСЁ ТАК КЛАССНО, КАК ХОТЕЛОСЬ БЫ...

The Huawei 4.5 Smart offers a big screen and Android Oreo at a very competitive price. With an 18:9 Full Display Screen and a powerful Camera to give you the best of 4.5 effects, the smartphone is a great choice for 4.5.

Смартфон HUAWEI P Smart (2019) 3/32GB

4.5 /> Смартфон Huawei P Smart 3/32GB FIG-LX1 Gold (51092DPM) 4.5 Купуйте просто зараз в інтернет-магазині KTC! ☎ 0 800 211 232 Гарантія Помірні ціни Розстрочка 0% Консультація!

Huawei P Smart 2019: A great Android option for under £200

Huawei P Smart 3/32GB, Black (2019) арзон нарҳларда 4.5 қулай етказиб бериш билан сотиб олинг. Смартфонлар - оммабоп 4.5 ва сифати кафолатланган махсулотлар сайтида.

Смартфон HUAWEI P Smart (2019) 3/32GB

Jan 09, 2018 · Huawei P smart SmartPhone (2018) 4.5 date And Full Specifications The Huawei P Smart will carry a 5.65-inch LCD display with a resolution of 1080 x 2160. That works out to 4.5 aspect.
Huawei P smart Android smartphone.

Смартфон HUAWEI P Smart (2019) 3/32GB

Announced Dec 2017. Features 5.65″ IPS LCD display, HiSilicon Kirin 659 chipset, Dual: 13 MP (AF) 4.5 2 MP primary camera, 4.5 MP front camera, 3000 mAh battery.

Смартфон HUAWEI P Smart (2019) 3/32GB

Вы можете приобрести Смартфон Xiaomi Redmi 8 3/32Gb Onyx Black (Черный Оникс) EU Global недорого в Челябинске с быстрой доставкой по городу или самовывозом в розничных магазинах. The Huaweo P Smart 2019 appeals to the same youthful target audience as its predecessor; pairing a clean, simple design with 4.5 impressively robust feature set and a low price.
Verdict Coming in at less than £200, the Huawei P Smart 2019 is a surprisingly robust smartphone experience wrapped up in an eye-catching "ceramic-like" finish.
While the cost may be low, the P Smart 2019 packs in a surprising amount of features that let this handset punch above its weight.
With the latest version of Android, which comes with an impressive set of additional features, a large battery and decent processor, this is an impressive phone at a very reasonable price.
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You can read more about how we make money in our What is the Huawei P Smart 2019?
The popularity of the affordable P Smart has landed the line a successor for 2019, the not-so-imaginatively-titled, Huawei P Smart 2019.
Huawei has announced 4.5 the P Smart 2019 will gettoo.
One of the main issues that Huawei has is its retraction of the Android licence, which means that phones will no longer ship with Google Play Services and many Android apps, including YouTube and Gmail will not be available.
However, existing phones, including the P Smart 2019, still have their licence so will continue to have Google Play access even after an operating system upgrade.
As such, this phone should still be a safe buy but the relationship between Google and Huawei may be enough to put you off buying this handset, and you may want to look at an alternative phone, such 4.5 the impressive and similarly-priced.
Materials aside, the rounded form gives the P Smart a cute, compact appearance — despite its size.
What you might be surprised to find as I was is a microUSB port.
In 2019, this, like the headphone jack, is of a growing scarcity; conceding to the newer, more efficient and versatile reversible USB Type-C standard that 4.5 phones released within the last year now use.
Huawei P Smart 2019 Screen — Decent size and resolution but viewing angles could be better One of those key 2018 mobile trends was the rapid adoption of extended displays, a trait 4.5 off by the of the a year earlier.
As for display quality, Huawei says that the 1080 x 2340 Full HD+ panel is equipped 4.5 deliver on 85 percent of the NTSC colour gamut.
In real-world use, 4.5 are fine, pleasing even on first glance, but it pays to читать далее around with things.
Contrast is a little lacking, with blacks appearing more like a dark grey that can shift to an even lighter tone when the screen is viewed off-axis.
It can нажмите для деталей configured to kick in and switch off manually or you can set it to automatically step in based on sunrise and sunset times.
The phone feels responsive as you navigate around home screens and between apps when multitasking; you might notice dropped frames when transitioning into split-screened usage and other more specialist UI features like picture-in-picture with Netflixbut nothing debilitating or apparent lasts long enough to be a real problem.
The new Honor 10 Lite sports practically identical underlying hardware and having just reviewed that phone, I was pleasantly surprised by how gaming performance compares between the two.
The 10 Lite struggled to 4.5 3D games outright, while Huawei appears to have done a better job optimising the P Smart 2019, meaning more intensive 3D titles are genuinely playable.
HiTouch is a recent addition to EMUI that lets you find and purchase goods from platforms like Amazon, just by pressing two fingers against a relevant image on-screen.
That notch, meanwhile, sports an 8-megapixel fixed-focus front-facer, complete with basic face unlock functionality that works decidedly well, even in low light.
источник статьи photography, the P Smart 2019 also includes some more AI-assisted Huawei technology in HiVision.
An extension of HiTouch and accessed from within the camera, HiVision consolidates image recognition for search and shopping purposes, as well as real-time translation 4.5 QR code-scanning functionality into a single experience.
The translate feature, in particular, seems near-useless based on my testing, while the other features work as advertised.
Like HiTouch, though, I wonder whether HiVision is going to appeal to anyone beyond a very niche band of prospective P Smart owners.
Huawei P Smart 2019 Battery Life — Big battery means impressive times between charges Humble hardware and 4.5 large battery are often an appealing pairing and such a combination stands the P Smart 2019 in good stead, as far as longevity is привожу ссылку />Despite offering a conventionally less efficient compared to OLED Full HD LCD, in real-world testing, the P Smart is capable of up to two days of usage per charge.
The relatively big battery means this phone lasts a decent amount of time per charge I finished day one 8am to 11pm with 63 percent power left and just over 1.
For reference, the similarly-equipped Honor 10 Lite doled out 4.
Why buy the Huawei P Smart 2019?
Huawei has done an excellent job of bringing a fully-featured smartphone experience down into 4.5 phone that somehow manages to duck below the £200 threshold.
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Смартфон HUAWEI P Smart (2019) 3/32GB

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