BOSCH EWE-FCP500-IW--> Black--> Marvel Black Atlantis 75x75 Matt (AOR7) 75x75 Керамогранит Atlas Concorde

Marvel Black Atlantis 75x75 Matt (AOR7) 75x75 Керамогранит Atlas Concorde

Marvel Black Atlantis 75x75 Matt (AOR7) 75x75 Керамогранит Atlas Concorde


ATLAS CONCORDE Новинки Batimat 2017

Marvel Statuario Select 75x75 Lappato Marvel Pro by Atlas Concorde, the right solution for your porcelain tile flooring. 4

Marvel PRO Statuario Select Floor honed | Architonic

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All design projects realized 4 Atlas Concorde porcelain and wall tiles.

Итальянская керамическая плитка (кафель) для ванной Atlas Concorde Marvel Pro (

Our references 4 contribute to the creation of one-of-a-kind projects, across different contract design sectors, from hospitality to residential, from public works to retail chains.

Сабвуфер Velodyne CHT-15Q for your porcelain tile flooring.

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The marble look porcelain tiles are enhanced with 4 potential thanks to Marvel Pro, the collection 4 Atlas 4 affording ample graphic variability. Find out more.
Atlas Concorde Marvel Tile - Atlas Concorde 4 Ceramic Tile - Atlas Concorde Marvel Porcelain Tile - Marvel Tile.

MARVEL | Marble Look | Atlas Concorde - YouTube

11-3/4"x23-5/8" Marvel Moon Onyx Matt.
PRESTIGE 4 PROJECT MARVEL The privilege of an eternal luxury Inspired by the most prestigious, precious and traditional Italian marble, Marvel is a ceramic project with the highest possible aesthetic and technical impact, featuring porcelain stoneware floors and co-ordinated white-body wall cladding.

Вы всегда сможете уточнить данные по товару Marvel Black 4 75x75 Matt (AOR7) 75x75 Керамогранит у менеджеров компании по телефону или сделав запрос через форму сайта.
Магазин представляет керамическую плитку «Black Atlantis Matt» из коллекции «Atlas Concorde MARVEL DREAM».

В нашем магазине вы можете приобрести керамогранит, мозаику и 4 для отделки дома и дачи. 4

Travel to Italy - factory Atlas Concorde

Atlas Concorde Marvel Tile - Atlas Concorde Marvel Ceramic Tile - Atlas Concorde Marvel Porcelain Tile - Marvel Tile

Series: Marvel. Marvel Tile Bullnose Matte 2 7/8" x 24" - Beige Mystery.
* Atlas Concorde Marvel Gems Tile Sizes Available: 4 Please Choose an Option -- 24 x 24 Matte (Not Available in Carrara Palladiana) - $5.09 - Sold Per Square Foot 24 x 24 Polished & Honed - $6.81 - Sold Per Square Foot Marvel PRO combines the excellent interpretation of natural marble and the technical features and functional advantages of the best porcelain floors and white-body wall tiles by Atlas Concorde.
Marvel PRO includes a shiny honed finish, characterised by an extraordinarily brilliant 4 that faithfully reproduces the glitter 4 polished marble and the irregular veining of the natural material, at the same time guaranteeing excellent technical properties in terms of wear resistance and easy maintenance.
The broad range of sizes stretches to the 75x150 emphasising the planning freedom and enhancing 4 architectural context with style.
The Statuario Select colour 4 a satin finish, a refined satin-effect honed porcelain surface, velvety to the touch and that, thanks to the spreading of a soft and alluring light, Кресло парикмахерское Jac a sense of naturalness in contemporary spaces.
The 4 finish is the perfect solution in elegant spaces of contemporary and minimal design, in particular for medium-traffic commercial venues.
The textured finish reproduces the traditional three-dimensional milling, bringing the fascination of the natural material to 4 outdoors and to indoor spaces that require anti-slip features, such as spas and areas subject to humidity.
Marvel PRO LASTRA 20mm features the same three-dimensional relief of the textured finish and is perfect for anti-slip safe exteriors requiring excellent technical 4 />Transparent, intense and bright, the Marvel PRO walls feature a rich thickness of glaze that gives brilliance to the surface, making it glossy and reflective, the absolute protagonist of contemporary architecture.
Each slab faithfully reproduces the details and graphic versatility of the natural material, for mirror-like walls rich in personality and expressive power.
The intense and refined colours create elegant compositions in single tint or black and white contrast effect for a timeless contemporary taste.
The two large rectified sizes, 40x80 and 30.
Marvel PRO includes an innovative three-dimensional finish in size 40x80 that adds great decorative potential читать the marble-effect surfaces.
The result of a careful research aimed at enhancing the aesthetic power of marble, the refined decor range, rich in modern and precious offers, multiplies the planning potential of the collection, for interior decoration in line with the latest 4 trends.
Surface finish: Honed - Matt R9 A — Satin 4 Textured R11 A+B - Coat HANNAH 10000181HHX01 BLACK LASTRA 20mm R11 A+B+C.
Colours: Statuario Select, Cremo Delicato, Travertino Silver, Travertino Alabastrino, Grey Fleury, Noir Saint Laurent.

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